Sunday, October 4, 2009

We're pursuing adoption from Ethiopia!!!

After two years of prayer and pondering we have begun the journey to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia.  Our children are thrilled and our families are excited. Please pray for us as we begin this year long journey.  More updates to follow...Blessings to you!
The Adams family


  1. great meeting you all...I'll post about your blog good friend growing up is named Polly Adams...too funny...thank you for your sweet email and your blog looks great :) kristi

  2. Best wishes to you all as you head down this path, may it be one filled with love, joy and as few bumps as possible. You will make one little girl very happy.

  3. WOW so excited for your family!!!! Adoption is just so awesome! God's blesses so much through the long and sometimes hard process but it's so wonderful at the same time! We have adopted two kids--Samuel from China and Esther Lily Rose from Guatemala! They are both such sweethearts!!! Never could imagine life without them! I love having a kind of big family of 4! Would like it to get even biggier but we'll see. My heart is in Africa these days too. I am praying about the kids in Sierra Leone where Kelly was at for two weeks! The kids need a miracle! You can go to Ordinary hero on
    Lucy Lane's blog and click on the Blog there to see the whole story. THe kids are just precious! I would love to adopt from Ethiopia if God closes the door to Sierra Leone. REally whatever God chooses--we'll see and dream!

    Have a great day!

    God BLess, Heidi


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