Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pajamamama and her cubs

Today we spent the whole day inside, hibernating.  It appears that my children have decided home is their favorite-est place on earth and they are perfectly content to have another jammie day, for the almost 17th day straight, save for short outings that are only committed in undercover pj's or promises to return to such ASAP.  

Funny thing is when they were younger I always felt it necessary to go,go,go.  And always to go, go, go in coordinating, pressed, stylish clothing, lest I be judged as a mama lacking in fashion sense.  Looking back it was me that needed to go,go, go for mommy sanity time. The nice tidy clothes were the one tiny thing I could control, an attempt to portray an image of having it all together, which is laughable as anyone with small children knows.  Especially three children born within 3 1/2 years.  

So now I am able to appreciate and love that my babies are homebodies like me.  I rue the day that is coming too soon when they will be teens stark raving mad to escape the confines of home.  So I cherish these days, hold them tight and close in my mind and heart.  

I take time to indulge in their sweet scents, bedheads, and mismatched clothing.  I know now that wisdom in motherhood is slowly acquired and the image of perfection as a Mom is an impossible goal I no longer feel the need to pursue.  I thank God for His grace and for the three blessings I have been given.


  1. Beautiful post! Being a mom is such an amazing blessing, I too cherish it every day. My 12 year old Jaxon is growing too fast and it kills me that before I know it he'll be gone. The kids are also loving daily pj's and playing their new xbox games...we are definitely in vacation mode! Take care.

  2. sweet post, polly!!
    happy new year to you and yours!
    (go to edie's blog today-early as you can!-xo)


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