Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm not Enough, but God is

When I began blogging my sole purpose was to share our families' journey of adoption.  Along the way I have been changed and inspired by others through this whole blog world experience.  There are some amazing people doing some incredible things with the gifts that God has blessed them with. I am humbled by their willingness to authentically share their joys and struggles, not just families adopting but women in all stages of their lives.  

It's not easy to "put yourself out there" and open yourself up to criticism and judgement.   Furthermore, one of my favorite quotes from Blissdom in regards to your perceived critics is "I have a very short list of whose opinions matter to me and you are not on it".  For the most part I have played it relatively safe on my blog, not putting too much out there.  But now I am reflecting on how to make myself more vulnerable.  

One of the keynote speakers at Blissdom defined the key to vulnerability as "living with our whole hearts, vulnerability is sharing something of yourself amidst fear and uncertainty, when you choose to practice vulnerability, you choose to feel a full spectrum of emotions, willingness to let self be seen. It's the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, accountability, innovation, creativity, adaptability. Joy is the most vulnerable emotion we feel."   I don't believe you have to be a blogger to practice vulnerability, most of my friends who read this are not bloggers.  The challenge is for us all to live with vulnerability so we can experience the joy God wants for us, joy that can only be found through Him.  When I first saw the quote "I am enough" at the Blissdom conference I thought, yeah, that's right, I am enough, I don't need to compare myself to others, to be afraid of voicing my opinions, to  lose 20 lbs to be worthy of seeking and experiencing joy.  But then the small voice began whispering, "I'm not enough"  What??  But the speaker said I am and by golly I like thinking that, feeling that comfort of knowing I can be enough for my own needs.  Then I realized, I am not enough, I need God, His transforming grace and love.  Too much self-reliance and self-reflection can often times lead to prideful dependence on our own needs and cut God out of the equation.  So my new mantra is "I am not enough, but my Heavenly Father is".

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  1. Yay. I just got my copy too. I will be reading along. Oh and on my post today I ended w/ saying "I am enough" but technically speaking I should have said, "with His help". I totally agree, I need to do more to use my gifts and talents to reach others and help in some way. Loved Brene's speech. Hugs, Jess

  2. I just received my copy of this book in the mail today and I can't wait to start reading it. Great to meet you at Blissdom!

  3. I just can't stop thinking about how thankful I am for our *unexpected* (ha!) time together.

    And I think I need to grab that book...

  4. Great thoughts! I'm so glad you hopped over my way so we could "meet!" I have heard a lot about this little jewel of a book, and I think you've convinced me to finally purchase it! Glad to be following along with you as well!!

  5. polly-her voice is beautiful for that message... lovely. i HAVE to grab that book. it reminds me of emily's Tuesdays Unwrapped-where we wrote of moments, like miss Anne refers to, small gifts that we've taken time to unwrap. xoxo

  6. i love ann. and her book is hard to put down.
    i remember the first time she ever left me a message---i felt like an angel has visited.
    so glad you found her too ms. polly.
    and yes, i know beyond a shadow of a doubt that i am not enough.
    we need Him in desperate ways.
    and soooo good to see you today.
    much love,


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