Monday, March 21, 2011

Celebrating Cajun Style

 For as long as I can remember my family has gathered to celebrate my Mamaw's birthday with a Crawfish Boil.  Now for those of you far removed from the Cajun culture of southern Louisiana and Mississippi, Crawfish look like little cousins of lobsters.  I won't spend time trying to convince you of the sheer delicious cuisine involved in a true Boil, but suffice it to say that there is plenty of spice, laughter, and all around good times that serve as side dishes to this locally renowned feast.  Better than the food is the chance to see family we don't see nearly enough and relive old times while watching the bevy of children recreate their own memories to cherish. 
Learning to do the Double Dutch with Papa and Grandma

My lovely Mamaw, feisty and beautiful at 92
Proud Mama moment-watching my daughter fearlessly bait her hook with a night crawler while her brothers squirmed

Mississippi Mud Bath

Hanging out on their Uncle's Monster truck

Peaceful sunset across the lake where we grew up skiing, swimming, fishing, spotting gators

Classic cousin time

A hot mess of fine cuisine

My beautiful sister and my adorable Cha-Cha

My amazing Dad
My incredible Mama

My sister and "Uncle" John, he's an honorary member of our family, he was our brother's best friend and is now like a brother to us and uncle to our peeps

Cousins, a delightful blend of energetic, smart, beautiful kids whom I adore

Have a blessed day!


  1. i have yet to taste crawfish! hhmmm i wonder where i can get that here?

  2. This post brings out the travel urge in me! And the boil - I've been wanting to do a shrimp boil for a long time...maybe I'll get around to that this summer. The mud bath reminded me of "mississippi mud pie."

  3. These pictures make me so happy! I love seeing you, your mom, dad, sister, husbands and kids! Y'all always have been a fun and loving family and it shows! Thanks for sharing them! Also, I have started a blog so if you fb me your email I will send you an invite (it's private) so you can see our son. I am SO pleased that your adoption is in motion (though I know waiting doesn't feel like motion!). If you need ANYTHING please let me know and please tell your mom I said hello next time you talk to her!

  4. Looks like such family fun. your music(cajun beat!) The idea of crawfish always makes me drool. Sounds so good!


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