Friday, May 20, 2011

Are you ready for the summer?

School is out for summer 'round these parts. Are you ready? How are you and yours spending the dog days of summer? We started ours off with our annual tradition of a celebratory, energy burning playdate en masse accompanied by this song and the clean version of "Meatballs".

We are also trying to spend more time outside, unplugged from wii. After getting my peeps geared up with "razor races"
I tried to sneak in a little reading time, only to be discovered after 3.2 minutes.

It appears my presence is still desired. Oh Happy Day!  I'm going to embrace every minute of my popularity with my kids because I'm witnessing their independence increasing every day.
And, only 8 days until UGANDA.  I cannot wait to share more about this mission trip!
Happy Summer!


  1. OH Polly, I can't wait to hear about your wonderful trip to Uganda. You can count on me to be praying for you over here in the states.

    Summer is awesome isn't it. Tiring, yes! But I too feel so blessed that my kids love being around me and will cry my eyes out the day I have to let one of them fly. Enjoy your fun summer. xoxo, Jess

  2. I've been meaning to tell you that I have trouble posting comments on your blog; we';; see today!
    Anyway, can't wait to hear about your trip to Uganda. I pray that you will have many opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ and that the Gospel will be known wherever you go. And that yuo will return home safe to your family.
    You bless me!


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