Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back home

We all made it safely home.  I am still trying to process all we saw and experienced while we were in Uganda.  God is so good!  I hope to share pictures and stories as soon as the jet lag subsides and I deliver my first born safely to her first overnight camp (aaagh).  Meanwhile, here is one of my favorite video clips regarding Africa...(just pause the music on the sidebar first)


  1. Oooohh......I'm so excited to hear/see all about your journey! We've been praying for you!!!


  2. Look forward to hearing about your trip, after you get through re-entry. Praying for peace and rest.


  3. What a touching video Polly. My heart breaks as I watch it, then think of all that my children have. I need to do more for Africa. You are amazing, so glad you had that experience. :) xoxo, Jess


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