Friday, October 7, 2011

Comfort Zones

Lately I've been striving to step out of my comfort zone on a more regular basis.   Thanks to dear friends (picture a prior PTSO Pres., mom of multiples, super organized, compassionate) and newly crowned thrill seekers, I have been given the opportunity to try things I would not normally do, to step out of my  comfort zone.  It has been such a joy  and I cannot wait for what is next.  I am feeling super grateful and blessed by the friends in my life who provide such joy and camaraderie along this journey.  

What have you done lately or what are you planning to do soon to step out of your comfort zone?


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  1. Oh my word, I love it....dirt divas! And you "dirt divas" cleaned up very nicely :)

    Out of my comfort zone....I sort of think our recent move brought me out of my comfort zone. From acreage in a somewhat small town, to life in a metro suburb of NYC. What's neat is that it has made me focus on different things. xo


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