Monday, October 17, 2011

Get Ready to Rock the Pumpkin recipes

Lovin' our pumpkin heads...

And these delicious new (to us) pumpkin recipes...

First one is called Black Bean Pumpkin Chili.  It is from one of my new favorite blogs which embraces "Clean Eating".  The kids devoured the yummy, comfort dish, and it's one of those fabulous crock pot recipes that'll leave you feeling quite nifty on a crazy Monday.

The next recipe was linked to by another favorite blogger, The Inspired Room, "Mini-black Bottom Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecakes".  The cheesecakes totally cancel out the clean eating, but in moderation I think it's all good, plus they're super easy.  I actually changed the recipe to a lighter version by substituting Neufchatel cheese, 1/3 less sugar, and I left off the cute kisses because you can't find them 'round here.  

Rock on pumpkins.

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