Thursday, January 5, 2012

An Open Letter

Thank you to the enchanted home blogger and dear B and M, thank you in addition to others for your encouragement and support as I have tried to make sense of some of the ugliness of this world over the past month.
Please pardon my directness and momentary lapse of Southern manners but some things need to be said...

Dear S,
Yes, you know who you are.  Thanks to technology I have been able to see how you have stalked by blog as well as my family.  You have poured over the details of my blog, my home, my husband.  You tried, unsuccessfully, to insert yourself into my life.  Others may have temporarily succumbed to your false charms but I suspected what you were from the moment I first saw you.
There are really no polite words to describe the kind of behavior you have exhibited.  
Shame on you.  
People who possess kindness and peace and any shred of self-worth do not behave in the manner you have chosen.
Truly you have too much time on your hands. 
At first, your stalking intimidated me and made me feel vulnerable, your email full of new age nonsense and b.s. was not well received nor do I believe it came from anything but severe depravation on your part.
Now I have chosen not to let someone of your caliber stand in the way of sharing the love for my family that I chronicle on this blog.
Nor will you ever stop me from sharing my passion for the care of orphans.
You may have temporarily caused me pain, but honey, the battle of good versus evil is being won in this case.
A wise friend told me to pray for your broken soul.  I am not there yet, don't know that I'll ever be there.  Meanwhile, darling, unless you want me to share your name and the details of your seedy behavior I recommend that you cease your stalking and find a hobby.


  1. Polly,
    I'm so sorry that some crazy lady has caused you pain. I've been wondering why you quit posting and wasn't sure if you just got extremely busy or if something had happened. We just recently adopted and I always enjoy hearing other's hearts on orphan care etc. I hope the situation improves so that you can feel safe to share your heart again.


  2. Polly! I wished I lived closer, ergghhhh. I got your email and I'm just so upset for you....for so many reasons. I'll save my thoughts for a reply email. I, too, hope you will feel safe (blogland or home)again. XO!!

  3. I can't imagine what kind of crazed person would put so much time and energy into causing your sweet family harm. So sorry but so glad you decided to blog on!! xoxo, Jess

  4. Dear Polly,

    It's been far too long since I have stopped by. And to find heartbreaking. Even though this was over a year ago, I'm still saying a prayer for continued peace for you. I am so sorry that it happened.

    On a good note, I'd stopped by since I'd decided to step back into blogging and wanted to catch up on some of the people for whom I'd developed respect in blogland, like you, especially with your adoption journey. We're in the process of foster training right now.

    After much prayer, we decided to go the foster route since I myself had been in foster care from age 3-6 and had some horrific ones and some great ones. Our family wants to be one of the safe places for kids in need.

    Anyway....after Tom's (praise Jesus) return from Afghanistan I took a year off from blogging.

    I'm truly sorry I missed this from you or I would've offered immediate prayers and encouragement.

    I pray that you come back to blogging and can feel safe again.



Your kind words are such an encouragement, thanks for stopping by