Saturday, October 9, 2010


Francis Chan has been on my mind quite a lot lately. A dear friend encouraged me to read his book, Crazy Love, I have not finished it yet, but am so intrigued by this amazing man. Jeff heard him speak last week when we were in Minnesota for the Desiring God  conference.  Tomorrow Jeff is teaching a lesson by Francis for the college kids at our church.  A group from our church is attending a conference this weekend in Atlanta where he will be speaking.  Check him out for yourself, see the attached clip of him called "Balance Beam", pause my music first.  Let me know what you think...


  1. i've seen this clip on youtube... pretty impressive and i think he has a unique way to communicate w the younger.
    hope you are well!

  2. Love this, I was a I think the illustration is great!! Exciting to see your adoption story unfold! Thanks for stopping by today!


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