Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekly Pie Party

I am lacking in culinary skills.  Really I have no excuse.  
My parents are both really amazing cooks...
 Jeff's mama is a wonderful chef...
We even have a kitchen equipped 
with all of the necessary 
baking spaces and equipment. 
But alas, I am intimidated by baking.  
My husband donned me the "queen of liquid pies" 
after numerous failed culinary experiments.   
But there is a new sheriff in town ummm kitchen. 
Following a challenge from my daughter and her classmate to make fifty pies this year, roughly one a week, 
I have decided to become a baker.  
Not sure if that's something one decides or just is skilled at.  
Either way, it's ON!  
She'll help make pies learning to bake and reinforcing math skills whilst spending time with her culinary challenged mama.  Her sweet classmate from the preschool years will remind and encourage us and will be duly rewarded with a weekly slice of pie, solid or liquid.  I will benefit by spending good ole' quality time with my darlin' daughter while hopefully overcoming my liquid pie title and earn a place of prominence on the family heritage wall of bakers.  
Also, what better way to while away the time 
while waiting on our homestudy to be completed?  
Won't you join me on our weekly journey to baking bliss? 
I welcome any recipes or pie advice you can bestow.


  1. I'm taking a pie class tomorrow. I'll let you know if I learn anything good! Pie is my favorite. :)

  2. Hello Polly!!
    What an undertaking!!
    I have a secret for flakey crust and I'm sharing it here, for all the world to see. (((((1 tsp of full fat hellman's mayo per pie crust layer))))) flakey. just sayin'.... ;)

  3. Just had to say how funny I find it that some are "bakers" n others "cooks!" I can't/don't really cook a whole lot, but I LOVE to bake pies n cookies, cakes n breads... And now I'm gluten free so I don't do much of anything besides fresh veggies, fruits n dairy. sigh Good luck with your pies - thats a great way to master them and I'm sure your family will feel so blessed! Loved the adoption post and the great video too!

  4. now i just may have to join this shindig!
    my mil is the pie whisperer.
    and supposedly i have her recipe.
    but it's never as good as hers.
    go figure.
    good luck ms polly!


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