Thursday, January 6, 2011

gettin' your groove back, shakin' yo' bootay music

If you are like me, finding myself at this time of year, yet again, the skinny jeans a distant memory and the fat jeans leaving imprints, it is time, time to shake it.  So like my 80's teen self, I have made you a mix, sadly not the classic cassette type, but made with careful, loving care, nonetheless.    Now my local friends, you'll know what I'm jamming out to at the gym and in my car as you pass by wondering if I'm having a seizure or just doing the "Elaine Dance" from Seinfeld...

Now go on, get up, shake it!!!  Just try and sit still, crank it up...

Pause my music first 
then either go listen on Youtube or itunes...

"Tennessee Bwoys", Grits
"Beautiful Feet", by Lecrae

"Blessed Be Your Name", Matt Redman
"Got to Give It Up", Marvin Gaye 
"1234" Feist
"Your Grace is Enough", Matt Maher 
"OOOH AHH", The Grits
 "Switch", Will Smith
"Sweetly Broken", Jeremy Riddle 
"Me and Bobby McGee", Janis Joplin 
"Love and Happiness", Al Green
"Hands High", Lecrae
"Forever", Chris Brown


  1. Ohhh wonderful way to get good and sweaty. Thanks for your sweet comment earlier. Have a great night:)

  2. That is so funny! Thanks for the great post and thanks for stopping by ThreeBoys:)

  3. The Elaine of my all time favorites. Ok, you are a girl after my heart....I love little videos that just make me smile(and belly laugh!).


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