Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sibling Love

On the eve of our 8th snow day this school year I have been brainstorming different activities that will keep my peeps entertained and busy enough to not have reason to bicker.  While researching ideas online I came across our recent ski trip pictures and was so touched and overjoyed by one of the seemingly rare, precious moments when their love for each other shines through like a warm beacon, one that makes my heart ache with gratitude and joy of being blessed with 3 children, sibling rivalry and all
Our youngest had taken a spill, and the older 2 stopped in their tracks to help and encourage him
They waited until he was ready and then resumed their trip downhill... while their mama teared up behind them

What moments do you cherish among your peeps?

Blessings friends,


  1. Awe, that's too sweet. 8th snow day? Crazy. It looks really cold, how do you do it? :) Fun though.

  2. so sweet, polly... truly the moments to remember! :)

  3. That is very sweet indeed. Not sure my yahoos would be that kind. My heart melts when my four youngest yahoos sit around the kitchen table making each other belly laugh when they are supposed to be doing their homework. It drives me nuts yet reminds me of how much they enjoy each other and how fast their youth is passing.

    samba in sac


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