Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pie Party, weeks 8, 9, and 10

With the holidays my Cha-Cha and I got behind so to catch up we are sharing 3 of the latest Pie parties.  During Week #8, Cha-Cha and her Nonna, my fabulous Mother-in-law, made a Coconut Creme Pie.  It was not only beautiful to look at but absolutely delicious!   

Week #9, my sweet parents visited and we made my all time favorite pie, the famous 
"Black Bottom Pie"

If you want this secret recipe you'll have to email me
and I'll decide if I'll share.  But seriously, it is a hard won recipe that my Dad is known for all throughout Mississippi.  It is usually only made for Thanksgiving and Christmas and you are lucky to get a thin sliver, but only if you get it with your entree and hide it in a top secret location, not that I ever have. 

This year we made it three glorious times within 2 weeks (another reason I am shakin' it).  I think my Dad just couldn't resist his 3 grandchildren pleading for a repeat of their favorite pie of all time.  We've trained them well. 

Week # 10, Iron Skillet Cobbler Pie.  So easy and yummy, you can make it with no effort and look like you spent hours.  It got high ratings and you can use almost any kind of fruit.  But you must have a seasoned black iron skillet.  Did I mention it has fruit, totally part of my new diet.  I even used spelt flour and some kind of natural can sugar, it made it taste quite hearty. 

What's your favorite pie recipe?


  1. Dear Polly,

    I read your wonderful Edie post and remembered you from when you were so kind to stop by my little blog this summer. You ROCK! I am, like you and everyone, stunned by Edie's loss, but am buttressed by the knowledge that she is surrounded by God's love and great friends like you!
    When I last stopped by your blog, did I tell you that I was miraculously adopted at age 6 and my brother at age 9? Yes, I'm an orphan girl! And we've been praying about adoption, too.
    I'm sorry if I'm repeating myself.
    I hope that you have a blessed New Year! I hope to meet you at some point. I will not be able to be at Blissdom because we're going back on active duty for 10 months overseas in just a couple of weeks, but I hope to see you there next year!@@
    Many, many blessings to you,
    Lana Austin

  2. Wow, I loved this comment (above)!I really want to start the "pie day" with my kids, but I am so un-dedicated...all the pies look so yummy! I may have to email you for the black bottom pie.


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