Monday, January 17, 2011

R & R

12 snow days + 2 weeks of Christmas holidays = 
        almost 4 weeks of 
hibernation for the farm family

Today the kids are back in school after a long break.  I wish I could say there was resounding joy about the return to civilization, but alas, there was wailing and gnashing of teeth, first by me then by the 2 youngers in the family.  I didn't want the coziness, zero schedule, abundant family time, etc., to end.  The boys apparently didn't either after fits this morning over mis-styled hair and lack of bananas, which all boiled over into meltdowns in the early hours and dissolved into weepy revelations that school was the last place they wanted to be.  I tried reminding them that the snow weeks were an unexpected gift to be cherished, when that failed I resorted to planning our summer siestas, seemed to work for the time being.  

Thankfully, all is good, they have been safely deposited at their lovely school and I daresay I saw several mamas skipping and dancing to their cars this morning.  I steered my derriere over to the gym with my new work-out mix and was so excited to see they are now offering Zumba classes!  Which inspired me to share my old standby favorites the Gipsy Kings on my playlist for you.  

Very soon this mama is going to have a little siesta of her own
with 3 dear old friends (minus one darling member of the 15th annual girls getaway, we'll miss you L!!) somewhere warm and lazy followed by a very much anticipated adventure to Blissdom with 3 newer dear friends.  Now that I am over the guilt of leaving my babes and the dread/terror of donning a swimsuit next to my marathon-er sister, I am fully, joyfully, excitedly anticipating my travels.  What are your plans to beat the winter blues and infuse some blissful joy into this cold winter?  

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