Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Beautiful Homecoming

This family is such an amazing and inspiring group.  I had the privilege of briefly meeting Gwen at the Together for Adoption conference I attended two years ago in Nashville.  She is an incredible woman on fire for serving and supporting the orphans of this world.  If you haven't yet met her or her 147 partner Suzanne, go by and meet them and give them a big ole' hug.  Their 147 Million Orphans gear is gorgeous, the t-shirts are as soft as clouds, our entire family love our 147 gear!

 About 147:
"Helping FEED children in Uganda, Haiti, Honduras, China and Ethiopia with each product purchased (50%+)

Educating and encouraging families about the HIV+/Aids crisis along with financially supporting several ministries that care for these children.

Offering Adoptive Families wholesale products to sell 
(100% profit from fundraising for families)

Helping Local African Refugees earn a sustainable income 
from handmade products

Working with Ugandan women in Africa on sustainable income from their handmade necklaces

Encouraging other adoptive families on their journey

Partnering with churches to help grow their Orphan/Adoption Ministry

Speaking Up For Those Who Do Not Have a Voice"

One of the ministries that 147 "supports and invests in


is Amazima, and her blog is called The Journey

prepare to sit a while and be amazed... 

The first time I read her blog, more than 2 years ago, I

read for hours upon hours, her ministry is awe-inspiring, a 

beautiful woman who has surrendered it all to 

be filled up by our Heavenly Father.

Blessings for a week full of joy,


  1. Oh my word! I just watched the video with my twins...I was sobbing. Big tears!! What 147 does is amazing. Thank you for sharing this.

    *the little boys sitting on the stairs! Precious. The airport homecoming....speechless.

  2. Sorry, I didn't have time to comment earlier. Wow. That is such a touching video. What a fabulous family. I'm so glad there's people in the world who care so much and have such big hearts. :) Couldn't help but get teary.


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