Thursday, March 10, 2011

Children of God

Thanks to Kristin at for sharing this video.  Praying for all our dear friends and the orphans that are caught in the web of the current state of Ethiopian adoptions.
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And in case you have never seen Kristin's Gotcha Day video...
it has sparked numerous adoptions, take a look...

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  1. Absolutely I will be praying for all of them, too!

    And for you guys, too! it seems like you had QUITE the week!!!!

    Oh my heavens!!!!!!!!!!! Floods and Firemen and...I can't think of an alliterative F word for throw-up! ;)

    I pray that all are recovered and congrats on the cake/Scouts award! A tiny whoop will not nullify your debutante roots!!!!

    PS I can't believe we've been in Italy for almost 3 weeks. We went to Rome last wkend and will hopefully move into the new villa next week!


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