Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mama told me there'd be days like this, but a whole week?

The week started off innocently enough, then the rain came, a lot of rain, like record amounts, our normally pleasant gentle creek turned into a raging kayak-worthy rapid

We were forced to abandon (gasp) ice cream and other groceries in the back of my car and hitch a ride with our sweeter-than-pie retired fireman neighbor.  His monster tire trucks almost proved to be no match for the strong current, the kids thought it was the coolest ride ever.  Safely across we trudged through the pasture and headed home to warm ourselves and pour out our squishy, waterlogged shoes.  I decided soup was in order and set about making a variety.  Apparently I hadn't used some of the range "eyes" in a while and triggered some sort of gas leak.  Fire alarm/ gas detector went off, high tech alarm system sent for help, 3 firetrucks and 6 firemen later and we were cleared for dinner.  Those guys were so sweet, they were worn out from rescuing people from submerged cars all day but still managed to be great sports as our 3 littles clamored for a look see.  There were jokes exchanged between the Husband and the firemen regarding my cooking and then they were off.  Thank you Lord for firemen.
Fast forward a few hours, bedtime, "ahh yes, this is going to need an x-ray", referring to the freak fall that our stunt man middle guy sustained on the school playground followed by the gut wrenching sound at 3:00 a.m. you know the kind that has you running for towels and cold compresses and mentally canceling the prior planned activities for the coming day, the what my babes call the "trow up" virus.  Like a guest that doesn't know when to leave, it has been sticking around a little too long, making it's way through all but mama bear so far.

Good news is no broken knees and we have 3 new adorable additions to the farm.  One is getting bottle fed, but that's another story.  The week ended on another happy note with two of my guys winning an award for the Boy Scouts "Dad and Lad" cake contest, not a day they'll soon forget.  I 'm embarrassed  to report that this proud Mama let slip a loud woohoo, redneck style, when my darlings' names were called.  I guess I need to re-visit my debutante roots.

The verse I recalled throughout the week was,
"Though He stumbles he shall not fall because the LORD holds him up with his hand", Psalm 37:24.

"Do all things without grumbling or questioning", Philippians 2:14,
now that's the verse I need to repeat more frequently.



  1. Ahhh, no grumbling or questioning. I want that t-shirt to wear to work with me EVERY SINGLE DAY!

    Wow, I guess this rain is not helping your creek banks any, huh? Hope we get some sunshine soon. Thanks for the suggestions on decorating sites. I'm gonna need all the help I can get.

  2. That cake rocks! Woo Hoo is right. :) Btw, living on a farm, in a gorgeous house...with a firefighter neighbor...sigh.

  3. what a week, polly!! sheesh! hope everyone if trow-up free now! :)

  4. That WAS a week! Hoping that this new week starts out better.

    We used to have a fireman neighbor....they are priceless.


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