Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blogger luncheon

What a joy it is to meet others who share your interests, in this case, my interest in blogging.  I am blessed with an amazing group of women, a group of local bloggers, and soon to be bloggers 
(oh yes. 
who are compassionate, intelligent, and just darn fun to be around. This past week we gathered at my abode to discuss blogging, motherhood, decorating, cooking, you name it.  I am encouraged and inspired by these ladies and urge you if you are in the area and want to connect with other bloggers to let one of us know, we'd love to share hot java with you :)


  1. Looks like a super fun day!

    How nice of you to gather bloggy buddies.

  2. Polly, I am sorry to have missed your bloggers luncheon. I actually have a little something for you that I was going to bring that day. I'm glad to know you here in this place and i look forward to seeing you soon.


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