Saturday, November 19, 2011

fieldstone hill design

If you are need of an online resource to help you decorate a room/s in your home, look no further than Fieldstone Hill Design.  Fieldstone Design is an online design service created by the ever capable, creative Darlene.  I first learned of her amazing talents from this inspiring post.

Our foyer has been a challenge for me.  I crave its functionality and beauty but have been stumped as to how to bring out its inner beauty.  In stepped Darlene, ahhh.  Now I have a plan.  The room was originally supposed to be a front stairwell but it did not fit into our budget.  We thought we'd go back and add a stairwell later on but as of late we would rather save for an expanded dining area for the little people who will hopefully join our fold this year.  Up until now the room has served the simple task of tall entry way.  Really, I need more from a room than just looking sort of pretty.  It needs to serve double duty in a practical, funky, welcoming way.  

Darlene was able to capture my needs and wants through the lovely design board she created.  Basically you discuss the project with her including your ideas, likes, dislikes.  Pinterest becomes a valuable tool for tossing around ideas.  Then you measure the rooms' dimensions.  Then you await the beauty that Darlene creates.  She also puts together a very useful and detailed resource guide and suggestions for furniture placement.  Although this room is still a work in progress, who knew used pianos were so costly, we now have a plan.  And I am a girl who likes a plan.  The design board has inspired me to borrow art and such from other parts of the house and use them in ways that never occurred to me.  I have also perused our local TJMaxx for deals on similar higher end items that Darlene suggested. 
Darlene usually has a waiting list but it is so well worth the wait.  She is a delightful woman to work with and a very talented decorator.  
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  1. From the pictures I've seen....I just love how your home is decorated. Isn't Pinterest addicting? My word!!

  2. Polly, thank you so much for posting about me and my business! That was so very kind of you!! It was a joy working with you, and I can't wait to see how your foyer develops. What fun!!!
    And yes, your home is gorgeous! May it be filled with laughter and blessing.


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