Sunday, November 20, 2011

Orphan Sunday

Orphan Sunday 2011 from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

Today is Orphan Sunday.  I am so proud and grateful to our church for their for hosting of an Orphan's Table event.  I was so disappointed to miss it and the fellowship with other church members who support orphan care.  Alas, I have somehow caught the funky virus.  What ways does your church support orphan care, we are always looking for good ideas?

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  1. Our church has it's own adoption agency (though we didn't end up getting Sophia through them, they were a big help w/ the paperwork) and what I love about it is they cover most of the costs making it more affordable to couples who may otherwise not be able to afford adoption. It still baffles my mind that it can be so expensive...but it's definitely worth it!!

    Hope you feel better quick Polly. BTW, are you for sure not going to Blissdom? Wish I could see you again. Jessica


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