Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have a dear friend leaving for India this week for an entire month.  She is a dear soul and we are thrilled to have her family in our tiny town.  I've found myself longing for adventure overseas and wish I could hide in her luggage.  My beloved's love (and mine) for Indian cuisine has been a long affair.  It began almost 10 years ago in the delivery room awaiting our first child.  The real labor had begun and husband was nowhere to be found.  This was before the days of texting and reliable cell coverage so we just had to wait for the slow hospital beeper to find him.  He arrived jubilant having scored a delicious meal of tikka masala from one of the "grease trucks" frequented by sleep starved residents.  The aroma filled our tiny room and was one of the first things I ate after our sweet eldest made her debut.  Ever since we have been drawn to it like moth to a flame. 

Another sweet friend brought a delicious recipe for brunch this week.  Although it is not authentic Indian cuisine it was pretty darn good, the recipe is here if you want to delight your tastebuds.
Blessings, I'm off to see how big they make Louis Vuitton luggage

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